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The customer reserves the right to return products purchased within 14 days from the date of receipt of the products from our company. In this case the customer shall bear the shipping costs for the return.
Refunds and cancellations of orders are accepted if the items returned by the customer have not been opened and not been used. Also products for return must be accompanied by the receipt or invoice.
You must carefully check the products before  you accept the product it's status  and its packaging to identify any defects such as broken merchandise, wrong product code or wrong type. After the receipt of the goods no defect or error is recognized. In case of refund please contact us to tell you the address for sending us the products.
























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Payment Method

You pay your order once you pick it up from Akis Express station of your choice.

Delivery Method

Our company sends all orders through Akis Express Courrier and you pick it up from your closest station.

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